Quality Print and the Environment

The environment is very important to Quality Print. For a number of years we have used vegetable based inks and have installed a Chemical Free Platemaking Machine – this has halted the need to dispose of 1000 litres of spend chemicals every six months.

Each week, Quality Print sends approximately 1900 litres of paper to be recycled, and less then 200 litres goes to the land fill.

In 2009, Quality Print attended a Carbon Save programme which was run by Environment Waikato, this programme has contributed to some of the businesses purchasing decisions of late – these are significant and were recently reported to our local council.

  • Paper & Print comprises 1% or less of world greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Only 11% of the worldwide timber felled is used directly for paper making – the wood for fuel and construction are far bigger uses.

  • Quotes from ‘Story of Paper’ Print NZ.


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